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Welcome to One Path Trading

Established by a group of traders seeking additional support to fill in the missing gaps, One Path Trading assists traders seeking the same within their own trading strategies. As the group has expanded, our knowledge base has dramatically increased as well. Today, One Path Trading continues to develop innovative and highly-efficient signaling systems focused on the trading strategies that apply to a variety of markets and timeframes. This wide-ranging programming translates across many different trading platforms (i.e. thinkorswim, TradeStation, FXCM, etc.) There is no platform that we cannot impact. Our vision is to continue extensive research on replay systems that allow our members to learn their strategies and markets using historical data that flows over different market conditions. This knowledge will help our membership exponentially grow their trading expertise. This community is dedicated to providing quality opportunities to connect, contribute, collaborate, and communicate. By joining with us…you will embark on a journey that will impact your trading for a lifetime as well as others who you may mentor. If you are in need of assistance, need to fill in the gaps, or find some answers, One Path Trading will help you. Together we turn failure into success.

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